Philomena "Mena" Chillino


A Journey Through Art and Nature




Philomena Chillino is a talented artist whose remarkable journey has been characterized by her profound love for the natural world and her enduring commitment to the craft of fused glass art. From her humble beginnings in the charming landscapes of New Jersey to her current perch in the majestic mountains of Colorado, Philomena's artistry has been a testament to her unbridled passion for art and her indomitable resilience in the face of adversity.


The inspiration for Philomena's artistic vision comes from her deep reverence for the natural world and her profound connection to the people in her life. The artist's work is imbued with a sense of warmth and vitality, with each piece reflecting the beauty of the world around her and the joy of human connection. Through her creations, Philomena invites her viewers on a journey of discovery, encouraging them to explore the intricacies of the world and revel in its breathtaking beauty.


Chillino's artistic journey began in the lush forests of New Jersey, where the natural world provided a nurturing backdrop for her passion for art. Born in Suffern, New York, Philomena grew up in the quiet town of Mahwah, where she spent much of her childhood exploring the outdoors, climbing trees, and sketching the world around her.


With the lush forests and the ocean at her doorstep, Philomena's love for nature and animals grew stronger each day. As the youngest of several siblings, she often found herself alone, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the world around her. From the delicate petals of a flower to the intricate patterns of a butterfly's wings, Philomena's drawings were a testament to her deep reverence for the natural world.


Despite her challenges, Philomena's passion for art continued to blossom. In high school, her art teacher recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue her dreams of attending art school. However, a family tragedy forced Philomena to put her artistic aspirations on hold as she worked hard to support her family and put herself through business school.


Undeterred, Philomena continued to pursue her love of art, juggling a full-time job at a publishing company with part-time work at a ski store. It was at the ski store that she met her husband, who would quickly become her biggest supporter and inspiration.


Philomena's father-in-law introduced her and her husband to stained glass art. The couple began creating their own unique designs for stained glass houses, reigniting Philomena's love for art. The world of stained glass captivated Philomena, and she soon discovered fused glass techniques, which would become her primary artistic focus.


The couple eventually relocated to Colorado, where Philomena established her studio.

Initially located in Fruita, her studio now resides in El Paso County, high above the Colorado Rockies at 9,400 feet. The breathtaking surroundings have continued to inspire her work as she explores the world of glass art with determination and creativity.


Philomena's unique creative process involves layering and firing glass multiple times to create vibrant, impressionistic pieces. She uses pre-fired glass, formed from pieces of glass sheets, crushed glass, and powder fused together in a kiln. Each project requires an average of five to nine firings, with 14-to-24-hour intervals between them.


Developing her technique through extensive practice and trial and error, Philomena has mastered the art of fused glass. Her work stands out due to her ability to combine different textures and colors of glass, creating pieces with a distinct impressionist flair.


Philomena's husband, Robert, has been her most significant influence and devoted supporter throughout her artistic journey. Her children and grandchildren have also provided her with encouragement, along with the masterpieces of famous artists like Matisse, Monet, and Michelangelo.


Philomena is a member of several artist organizations and guilds, including the Stained-Glass Association of America, the American Glass Guild, and the San Antonio Glass Guild. These affiliations have provided her with a strong network of fellow artists and opportunities for collaboration and growth within the glass art community.


Philomena’s work has been featured in various exhibitions and publications. One notable display was at the Colorado Denver Art Museum Dollhouse and Miniatures Exhibit in 2012, where several of her stained-glass dollhouses were showcased. These creations also traveled for viewing along the East Coast of the United States.


Throughout her life, Philomena has received various awards and honors for her art. At 13, she won her first award – third place in a Halloween Window Painting contest. Later, at 21, she won another third-place award for an abstract acrylic painting at the North Jersey Acrylic Art Competition. Additionally, she has earned recognition for her artistic poetry and her work on business publications for past companies.

Philomena's art has captured the attention of prominent collectors, with one of her paintings featured in a famous collector's home in New York City. Although she cannot disclose their name for privacy reasons, this accomplishment highlights the growing recognition of her unique style and talent.


In addition to her dedication to glass art, Philomena has a passion for helping others. Her background in corporate business, human resources, and massage therapy has allowed her to assist others in various ways. She has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), running a successful business and teaching reflexology, massage, and heart-mind-breathing techniques to clients, including CEOs and their employees. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys knitting and crocheting in her free time.


Philomena's mission as an artist is to introduce impressionistic art in glass, as

she believes the art world is becoming more accepting of diverse forms and designs. She aims to inspire others with her glass artwork by displaying it in galleries, shows, or clients' homes. As a full-time fused glass artist and instructor, she incorporates her techniques into her lessons, helping students focus better during their projects.

Philomena views art as a universal language that encourages individuals to express themselves and share their feelings with the world. She believes her artwork reflects her values and beliefs by helping her appreciate the importance of life, beauty in nature, and compassion towards others and the environment.


Philomena's journey as a fused glass artist has been a remarkable testament to her resilience, creativity, and passion for art.

Her unique approach to glass art, inspired

by her love for nature and human connections, has brought her recognition and admiration from fellow artists, collectors, and clients.


As she continues to create stunning impressionistic glass pieces, her mission to inspire others and showcase the beauty of glass art remains unwavering, leaving

a lasting impact on the art world.





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