Sunset Splatter

"Sunset Splatter" is an 8" wide x 8" high fused glass artwork that showcases a vibrant and colorful abstract design. The piece is dominated by a plethora of intense hues, created with a fluid or dripping paint technique, giving it a dynamic and organic texture. The colors range from deep purples and blues to bright oranges, yellows, greens, and hints of red. Blob-like formations and splattered patterns are prevalent throughout, creating a sense of movement and energy. A small, round object at the top center adds a three-dimensional element to the piece, casting a shadow and resembling a small reflective orb or button, breaking the flatness of the painted surface. The artwork exudes a lively, almost kaleidoscopic impression, inviting the viewer to explore the interplay of colors, shapes, and textures. The inspiration for this artwork came from a vibrant meadow escape with the depth of the sun encased into the glass, and the unique process of creating it adds to its overall appeal.