Flowing Dreams Red Series

Flowing Dreams is a vibrant, abstract depiction of a figure by the sea. The figure, which appears to be a stylized woman due to the flowing red dress, is placed towards the bottom left, merging with the shoreline. The sea is rendered in blue hues, separated from the sandy shore by an energetic line that could represent waves or the tide's edge. The shoreline has a textured, sandy appearance with hints of gold and brown. Above the horizon line, the sky transitions from a clear, pale blue at the top to a stronger, richer blue towards the sea, suggesting depth and the vastness of the sky. Small, white, cloud-like formations are scattered across the sky. The fused glass artwork has a dreamlike quality, with the blemishes and drops scattered across the surface adding to its tactile feel. The silhouette of the figure against the water contrasts sharply with the other elements, drawing attention to her posture and the flow of her dress.